Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Naptime Attire

It's old news that Hallie likes to change her clothes during nap/rest time - for months now (pretty much ever since she graduated from a crib to a big girl bed) she's been stripping down and putting on swimsuits and/or leotards while she's supposed to be sleeping.

But when I put away Hallie's swimsuits - and I incorrectly thought that if I put away her swimsuits, perhaps she would just stay in the clothes she was wearing that day - she started created more complicated outfits.

Here are a couple recent favorites:
Winter coat, winter hat, and absolutely nothing else.  It was at least 80
degrees outside, and therefore at least 77 degrees in our house.
Long-sleeved reindeer shirt, leggings, tights, socks,
(leggings first, then tights over leggings, then socks over tights)
and black dress shoes.  Again, it was hot outside, so she
had to have been sweltering in this ensemble.
I love that Hallie still lets me (for the most part) determine what she wears to school and for special events, but I also love that she has a little crazy streak when it comes to putting together her own outfits.  I just wish that she didn't insist on wearing between three and five of them every day, because her whims are creating a lot of extra laundry for me.

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