Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Through His Eyes

Once or twice a week I'll let Will take my phone to "nap" (rest time) with him. I like to play Angry Birds every once in a while (like when I travel and have nothing else to do), but I'm not very good and never score more than one star on each level. Will, on the other hand, is amazing (??), so I let him play Angry Birds on my phone as long as he promises to keep playing a particular level until he earns three stars. He gets to play Angry Birds and I get to look like I'm super good at Angry Birds without actually having to play the game myself. It's a win-win.

I discovered, however, that Will had branched out from playing Angry Birds to photography when I came across the photos below on my phone. They give a sweet glimpse into the world of a supposed-to-be-resting/napping-five-year-old.

At a later date - judging from the ceiling I think we were in a jewelry store at the mall - Will somehow coaxed Hallie into a shot as well.

A couple of weeks later I discovered that Will had learned how to take videos on my phone. I found 18 action figure sword fights on my phone - below are my three favorites.

Though Will ran the heck out of my phone battery, I greatly enjoyed this glimpse into his world.

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Sara Ekena said...

i am laughing out loud alone in my classroom...hope no one is walking down the hall :)