Monday, October 4, 2010

updates and next week's blog-o-rama

Hey all, sorry, no great pics to post yet, but I've got a couple months worth of good ones which are coming soon, I promise. Just an update - a week ago today I submitted my PhD thesis, and I defend it a week from today (the 11th). That's when I will catch up on posting.

Right after I submitted my thesis, printed it off and delivered it, I had to get on a plane for a conference, where I was all last week. I got home at 3 AM Friday night. Hallie woke me at 7 AM on Saturday, with a very loud but sweet rendition of Old Macdonald which she was singing from her crib (EEE-YAI-YEE-YAI-YOHHHH!!). We had a very nice weekend, the best I've had in a long time.

Oh yeah, it's Will's birthday today! He turned 4, he got all kinds of cool stuff including a big boy bike. It was a very Buzz Lightyear-themed birthday, he had a blast. Thanks everyone for all the very nice presents. We took pictures, coming soon.

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