Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tourney time 2010

Welcome to the second-most exciting event in sports (after the college football bowl season): the 2010 NCAA basketball tournament. As we did last year, last night Will filled out a bracket to compete in the Ferris Family Tournament Challenge (FFTC'10). This annual contest pits the analytical prowesses of Erin and I against Will's preference for teams that start with a "W", where the Ferris who gets the most points for accurately predicting which team will win each game/each round gets to choose an evening's worth of their favorite activities in which everyone must participate without complaint. Erin won last year's showdown by a single point, but mercifully did not cash it in to force me to watch High School Musical 3. Actually, I can't recall if she ever cashed it in, so she still might (though the "evening activities" award expires one year from the date it is awarded so don't remind her...).

Anyway, click on the image below to see Will's picks for this year's tourney.

This bracket looks somewhat as crazy as last year's, but at least this year he doesn't have a 14-seed as the National Champion. He didn't pick Wisconsin to go as far as I thought he would, but all the recent talk about Texas around our house seemed to influence a number of his picks.

For the record, Hallie wanted to play too - she kept climbing up to slap at the computer as we were entering Will's picks. Next year for her.

So the tournament starts in half an hour, it should be a fun challenge and I expect to resume my rightful place at the top of the family pecking order for sports knowledge after my picks lead me to victory (and an evening of disc golfing, chicken wings, and me destroying my wife and son in Wii Sports). I'll keep everyone updated on the FFTC'10 scores as the tournament unfolds.

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Kristin said...

what's funny is, his picks aren't too far off this year with all the upsets. GO WILL!! =)

can't wait to see ALL of you next week!! it's been too long!